Building Products of Canada Corp. is a leading manufacturer of asphalt shingles, shingle underlayments, waterproofing membranes, hot and cold asphalt, wood fibre structural, insulating and sound-deadening panels, decorative ceiling tiles and panels. We provide professionnal services and programs that are second to none.
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Ridge Vent

Revolution (REV-11) is the only truly "Green" ridge vent available*. The 11-inch wide by 20-foot long plastic vent core is made entirely from the same polypropylene plastic used to manufacture all of COR-A-VENTs other products. We meticulously capture the excess scrap during production, reprocess it and feed it directly into the Revolution, keeping it out of landfills while also reducing the use of petroleum needed for new plastic production.
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Felt and Underlayment

Tri-State has traditional 15# & 30# organic felt paper along with three lines of synthetic felt.
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Tri-Shield Ice & Water
>protects structure from water seepage caused by wind driven rain and ice dams
>self-sealing: seals around nails, staples, and screws
>self-adhering: bonds directly to the roof substrate
>skid-resistant: granular surface for safe and easy installation
Tri-Shield Ice & Water Information Sheet
All Tri-Shield Products share these product features:

6 month UV exposure rating
FIBER GRIP walkable surface
FRICTION FILM anti-skid backing
Water repellent
Cold weather installation friendly
Tempurature performance range of 40F to 240F
Does not wrinkle or crack
25 year ltd. warranty
Class A ASTM E108 rating
Ultra strong 4-layer polymer woven construction
100% recyclable
Impervious to mold growth
Much lighter and stronger than traditional felt paper
10 square rolls
Does not leach oil like traditional felt

Tri-Shield BLUE is a 7 mil four-layer
woven synthetic underlayment that is
designed for asphalt shingles and
residential metal roofs. Tri-Shield
BLUE is specifically manufactured
to replace 15# and 30# felt paper.

Tri-Shield PLUS is a 8 mil four-layer
woven synthetic underlayment that is
ideal for asphalt shingle roofs as well
as commercial and
residential metal roofs.

Tri-Shield PREMIUM is a 11 mil
four-layer woven synthetic
underlyament that is designed for
commerciala nd residential roofing.
Tri-Shield PREMIUM is ideal for
asphalt shingles, slate, shakes and
metal roofs.
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