PVC Trim

Palight Trimboard
won't rot, fade or split and will hold its beautiful appearance for decades. Available in typical wood profile sizes, architects and builders can easily incorporate Palight Trimboard into nearly any trim project for a beautiful and lasting finish.
Palight Trimboard has sealed edges and a protective release film on the woodgrain and smooth sides that aid in protection in your warehouse, at the jobsite and during installation. Everclean Protective film protects from dust, dirt and abrasion.

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Aluminum Accessories

Quality Aluminum Products include siding,  siding accessories, fascia, drip-edge, coil stock & more. Colors from many manufacturers are available.

HomeGuard Housewrap is a high-quality low cost solution for preventing air leakage, controlling drafts, improving indoor air quality, and protecting wall systems from water and moisture damage.

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Paulownia Trimboard & Siding

is easy to work using hand or machine tools. It is easy to plane, sand, saw, rip, route, and carve. During quick processing there is not danger of splitting or chipping. It easily absorbs glue, paint and stains.
available in:
--1x4 - 1x12 S1S2E (net 3/4") & S4S (net 23/32") all 16'
--5/4x4 - 5/4x12 S1S2E (net 1-1/8") & S4S (net 1-1/8") all 16'
--1x4 & 1x6 beaded celing all 16'
--1/2" x 6" & 8" bevel lap siding all 16'

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DakTrim Roughsawn Trimboard

DakTrim is an exterior wood primed trim board and lap siding produced from #2 premium ESLP boards (Engelmann Spruce & Lodgepole Pine). ESLP boards have small, tight knots and a fine grain. ESLP boards are commonly used in appearance applications making this the perfect species of wood for manufacturing DakTrim products. DakTrim is manufactured and graded for appearance to ensure 100% usage. All units are paper wrapped and have corner protectors. DakTrim is packed to protect the textured face.
Available in 4/4 & 5/4 trimboard, 4" through 12" widths, as well as 1/2x8 and 1/2x6 lap siding - all 16' length.
Other profiles may be available as well as un-primed. Please inquire for more details.
Currently DakTrim is stocked in our Indianapolis facility. Inquire for availability via other branches.

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Mortarless Stone


Belterra by Silvermine delivers another level of real stone aesthetic.

Belterra offers a real stone appearance that complements and integrates seamlessly with multiple materials and home styles, creating balance and flow while providing patented water protection for your property.


  • Realistic ledgestone look with sharp details and superior colors

  • Over 50 unique ledgestone panels for each color prevents the “repeat look”

  • Five phenomenal colors

  • Patented flashing system that protects your home from water damage and requires less wall preparation than other mortarless and mortared products

  • One of the lowest total cost solutions (material and labor) for stone veneer projects


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Learn how Silvermine Stone protects
the house from water
Tri-Shield Housewrap is the most effective synthetic material to stop wind from robbing homes of insulation and energy values. Tri-Shield is available with a custom logo with a large print area and has a very attractive price point.

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ACRE™ is everything you’ve been waiting for—a sustainable new building material with all the warmth and beauty of real wood. Yet it’s light, strong, water-, pest-and weather-resistant, and guaranteed not to rot, crack or splinter. Best of all, ACRE is made without harming a single tree, in a zero-waste environment in Fernwood, Mississippi. Discover a new world of things to create with ACRE.

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